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1. What is Table Mates, and how does it work?

Table Mates is a unique social platform that brings people together to foster new friendships and connections through shared dining experiences at local restaurants. Here's how it works:

Joining a Table:

  • As a participant, you can explore upcoming tables on our website.

  • If you find a table that interests you, you can request a seat by filling out a simple form.

  • The host of that table will then review your request and, you will receive an e-mail with their decision.

Hosting a Table:

  • If you don't see a table that suits your preferences or location, you can request to become a host.

  • As a host, you'll fill out a form and meet certain requirements.

  • You can choose the restaurant, date, and number of participants for your table.

  • Once your table is approved, you will receive an email with payment details.

  • Once we've received your payment, your table will be added to our website and you will receive an e-mail.

  • You're also encouraged to promote your table, including sharing it on social media.

Selecting Participants:

  • Hosts have the privilege of selecting who joins their table from participant requests.

  • Hosts have to make a decision within two days.

  • Hosts receive participant information and are responsible for ensuring that the group matches the vibe they are looking for.


  • Participants are required to make a payment once they are invited to a table.

  • Payments must be completed within a specified timeframe (usually 3 days) to secure a seat.

The goal of Table Mates is to create meaningful connections and enjoyable dining experiences, allowing people to step out of their comfort zones and connect with others they may not have crossed paths with otherwise.

2. How do I join a table?

Joining a table at Table Mates is a straightforward process. Here's how to do it:

  1. Explore Upcoming Tables: Visit our website to browse through the list of upcoming tables. Each table will have details such as the date and location.

  2. Select a Table: Choose the table that piques your interest and aligns with your schedule and preferences.

  3. Request a Seat: Go to the form to fill out your details. Once the form is submitted, you've requested a seat. 

  4. Wait for Confirmation: The host will review your request and decide whether to invite you to join their table. You'll receive an email notification to inform you of the host's decision.

  5. Payment: If you are invited to join the table, you'll also receive information about making the required payment to secure your seat. Payment is typically expected within a specific timeframe, usually 5 days, to confirm your reservation. After these 5 days we will no longer hold this seat for you.

  6. Enjoy the Experience: Once your seat is paid for, all that's left to do is prepare for a delightful dining experience. Put on your best outfit and look forward to a fantastic meal and the opportunity to connect with new people.

Remember, joining a Table Mates event is a great way to meet new friends, expand your social circle, and enjoy memorable dining experiences at local restaurants. If you have any questions or need assistance at any point in the process, feel free to reach out to us, and we'll be happy to help!

3. What does it cost to join a table?

​The price of attending a table depends on the restaurant. If you see a table you'd like to join, you can head over to the page "Restaurants" to see their menu. Keep in mind that you are paying for food but also for the experience and the chance to meet new people.

4. Can I choose who I sit with at a table?

​As a participant, you do not have control over the other guests at the table.

5. Are there any qualifications to become a host?

What we're looking for in a host is someone who can keep a conversation going and isn't too shy or quiet to ensure some ambiance at the table.​

6. What types of restaurants are featured in Table Mates events?

​There are different establishments we work with. Some offer simple food while others offer fine dining with a 5 course menu. You can find a list of all restaurants here.

7. Is Table Mates available in my city or region?

​We're currently active in Aalst, Antwerp, Bruges, Brussels, Genk, Ghent, Hasselt, Kortrijk, Leuven, Mechelen, Oostende, Ronse & Tongeren but we're always looking to expand.

8. How do I pay for my seat at a table?

Once accepted (as a host or guest) you will receive a request to pay for your menu via bank transfer.

9. What happens if I need to cancel my reservation?

You can find our cancellation policy here.

10. How can I contact Table Mates if I have questions or need assistance?

You can send an e-mail to We are also very responsive on Instagram & Facebook.

11. Is there an age requirement for participants?

Participants always need to be over 18, regardless of which table you're joining.
The age range differs for every table. If there's currently no upcoming table within your age range you can either apply to host one yourself or e-mail us and we'll see what we can do.

12. Can I bring a friend to a Table Mates table?
This is a very hard no. The fact that everybody comes to the table solo without knowing the other guests is what makes this so unique. There's comfort in knowing that everyone will be a little uncomfortable at first.

If we hear from other guests that you did bring someone to the table you will be banned from using our services ever again.

13. Are dietary preferences or allergies accommodated?

This depends on the restaurant and is usually mentioned on our website. However if something is unclear to you, you can always reach out via email (

14. How can I stay updated on upcoming tables and events?

The easiest way is to follow us on Instagram you can also subscribe to our newsletter.

15. Can I request a themed table that is not currently offered?

You can suggest this, but we have to look into it if there will be enough interest in this particular theme before we organise it.

16. Why are we not getting the names of the other guests at the table?

Only hosts know the names of the other guests. There are several reasons why we don't share this.

In case someone cancels it might be unpleasant for them to have the other guests know their name even though they weren't present.

On the other hand first names may suggest the gender of guests. We don't want to create bias and want people to arrive at the table without any prejudice.


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